Certification for Web Development indicates that the signatory has assessed the awardee's package and confirms that it fulfils the requirements specified below.

Issue date: April 18, 2015

1. Tutor-bot checklist

The code has passed automated assessment.

2. Usable

The code behaves as expected without any major bugs.

3. Test coverage

The test suite contains an elementary unit test of the controller indicating an awareness that such testing is possible.

4. Maintainability

  1. Format/indentation makes it readable by another developer
  2. Non-obvious code is explained in #comments
  3. Constant values are managed as informatively named $UPPERCASE variables
  4. Code is not optimised without justification
  5. Variable naming is informative and uses $underscore_separated_words.
  6. There is no redundant code (aka "cruft")

5. Clear and concise documentation

A README file indicating

  1. Instructions on running the code
  2. The versions of Perl and Dancer2 it is running against