Am I qualified to enrol?

You can see what we assume you know by reading the prerequisites in the course outlines here and here.

How long does it go for?

If you're really quick you can complete the program within the 3 day free trial period - and that's a bargain! In general though, studying at Geekuni is self-paced which means you can take as long as you like.

How do I unenrol?

To close down your account, login, and at the bottom of your Home page click on 'Settings', and then 'Unenrol'. You'll get a confirmation email with a link you'll need to click on to make sure it was really you.

What happens to my certificate when I unenrol?

If you've acquired a certificate of completion it will stay on the site forever - unless you tell me to remove it.

How do I create my own course?

If you'd like to:

  • Include a Geekuni course in a class you're running;
  • Develop a new course using Geekuni technologies;
  • Plug your own assessment technology into the Geekuni infrastructure; or
  • Do something else I haven't thought of...

Please get in touch via the email address below and we'll see how we can collaborate!